Adam and Chris review and discuss LGBT+ and queer cinema throughout the decades and how it has helped the medium and where they think the future is taking the genre.

Continuing our months of moms, we take a look at Sundance and award season darling, The Kids Are All Right, and there is a lot to talk about here. While it's great to see a movie featuring same-sex parents raising normal and mostly well-adjusted kids, there is still an underlying theme that people aren't gay, they just haven't found the right person of the opposite gender. Be sure to send feedback and recommendations to or on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 56: Fat Damon

We apologize for the brief absence, but life finds a way to make things difficult. But we are back in a new month, and we are featuring stories about Mothers, whether LBT themselves or the moms of LGBT kids. Our first movie is Other People, which is still the best movie Adam ever saw at Sundance, and one you've probably skipped over a bunch of times on Netflix, so definitely check it out! Feel free to send feedback and recommendations to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 55: Almighty Dog

We are joined by a very special guest, Mr. Casey, to discuss this week's film, Boy Erased, which is based on the true story and memoirs of a young gay man who survived ex-gay "therapy" in 2004. This was a very personal film for Adam as he went through something similar during the same time period, and as much as he swore never to watch it again, he did, so the panel could talk about it. This is an extremely important movie that everyone needs to see, especially the loved ones of members of the LGBT community who aren't aware of the horrors that happens in these kinds of places. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

This week we are looking at the biopic Milk which recounts the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office and who helped spark a revolution of activism in the LGBT community. Unlike last month, we dive in deep and discuss the issues our community still faces and also where our spirit of activism and protest went. “We're here, we're queer; get used to it” used to be our mantra, but that seems to have faded away. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 53: Quite Decorous

This week we are taking a look at the awards darling, The Imitation Game, which gives us a brief glimpse into the life of Alan Turing and his exploits on cracking the Nazi's Enigma Code and helping end World War II years earlier than it would have. This was in Adam's top five movies the year it came out, and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it even though it's absolutely heartbreaking to see how Alan was treated for being gay after doing so much to help his country, the world, and the future as we know it. Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 52: Head Voice

We're doing biographies this month and decided to start with I Love You Phillip Morris, which is the story of con-artist Steven Russell and the relationship he forms with the titular Phillip Morris. This is a somewhat hard movie to watch because despite the fact it's well made, Steven Russell is just such a horrible person that it's cringe-worthy watching him screw over so many wonderful people, and most of all, Phillip, who is just such a sweet and charming guy, you can't help but love him (see what we did there). As always, please send feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 51: Wobble To and Fro

We finish up March with Connie and Carla which fits the theme we've seen repeated the whole month - namely, all the movies have portrayed LGBT culture through the lens of heterosexuality. We get it's a product of its time and is trying to appeal to a mass audience, but seriously, we need queer movies by queer artists. Anywho, it's still a lot of fun, and returning champion Clark is back on with us since he loves it so much and also to get a sincere apology from Chris. Oh, and we get really dirty this one around, so keep the kids away. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and hit us up on social media @CinemaQueens!

Well everyone knew we had to eventually do it, because this week we finally got around to The Birdcage, and we will be quoting Nathan Lane for weeks on end now. Once again, it's a gay movie presented through the lens of heterosexuality, but no one can deny the fun and charm that Robin Williams and Nathan Lane share together on screen, even if their relationship is straightforward and platonic. Be sure to send feedback and recommendations to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 49: What in Gay Hell?

Drag queen month continues along with our trend of movies with ridiculously long titles with To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Endlessly quotable and completely hilarious, it's really interesting that the film presents queer culture through a relatively straight lens considering the fact the screenwriter was gay himself. And despite being straight men, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo pull off being FABULOUS drag queens! But it's not all quite fun and games as we discuss the elephant in the room, domestic abuse, that the LGBT community needs to start recognizing as the important issue it is and actually do something about it. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

March is here, and we decided to do a month devoted to drag queens! Why? Why not! We kick things off with The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, so we're off to a good start as this is fun, funny, heartfelt and has some very positive trans representation that is somewhat surprising considering this came out 25 years ago. Of course, it's not perfect, and has some really problematic portrayals of race, and we tackle that head on while discussing the movie's merits as well. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and follow us on social media @CinemaQueens!