Adam and Chris review and discuss LGBT+ and queer cinema throughout the decades and how it has helped the medium and where they think the future is taking the genre.

Well everyone knew we had to eventually do it, because this week we finally got around to The Birdcage, and we will be quoting Nathan Lane for weeks on end now. Once again, it's a gay movie presented through the lens of heterosexuality, but no one can deny the fun and charm that Robin Williams and Nathan Lane share together on screen, even if their relationship is straightforward and platonic. Be sure to send feedback and recommendations to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 49: What in Gay Hell?

Drag queen month continues along with our trend of movies with ridiculously long titles with To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Endlessly quotable and completely hilarious, it's really interesting that the film presents queer culture through a relatively straight lens considering the fact the screenwriter was gay himself. And despite being straight men, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo pull off being FABULOUS drag queens! But it's not all quite fun and games as we discuss the elephant in the room, domestic abuse, that the LGBT community needs to start recognizing as the important issue it is and actually do something about it. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

March is here, and we decided to do a month devoted to drag queens! Why? Why not! We kick things off with The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, so we're off to a good start as this is fun, funny, heartfelt and has some very positive trans representation that is somewhat surprising considering this came out 25 years ago. Of course, it's not perfect, and has some really problematic portrayals of race, and we tackle that head on while discussing the movie's merits as well. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and follow us on social media @CinemaQueens!

Again, we sincerely apologize for the delay, but Adam is back in Salt Lake, so this shouldn't be a problem going forward. This week we FINALLY watched The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green which, well, it's not a good movie, but it's a lot of fun and there are worse ways to spend 88 minutes. Be sure to send feedback and recommendations to or on social media @CinemaQueens!

Quick Announcement!

Hey everyone, we are sorry we missed last week. Adam has been in Boise for work for five weeks, so it's thrown our schedule out of whack. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update of what was going on and our plans for the rest of the month. Thanks for listening, and we'll be back in a week!

Ep 46: Mean Girls on Christ

We're wrapping up our month of "New Year New You's" coming out stories with Saved! Now to be honest, this isn't a gay film, per se, but there is a queer sensibility running through it and the plot is driven by a young, Christian girl trying to save her gay boyfriend from the demon of homosexuality, or something like that. And yes, to those listening, this WAS exactly how Adam's high school was like. Be sure to send feedback and suggestions to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 45: We Love Leah

This week we are discussing Beautiful Thing which was the second gay movie Adam ever saw and is a sweet story about two teenagers in England figuring out who they are and also that they're in love with each other. This movie isn't going to change the world, and the story might be a little simplistic and romanticized, but that doesn't mean it's not fully enjoyable and heartwarming. As always, feel free to send feedback or suggestions to or on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 44: Third Best

New week, new movie, and this time we are talking about G.B.F. which you can find on Netflix if you want to follow along with us. Essentially, this is Gay Mean Girls (which is a common theme that will pop up again later this month), and while it's fun, it's pretty vapid as there isn't much to this straightforward story. It's like a movie made of cotton candy. Be sure to send feedback and recommendations to and on social media @CinemaQueens!

Ep 43: Is Everybody Gay?

We hope the first week of 2019 has been good to you, and we hope you like our subject for January - Coming Out! We're looking at In and Out to kick things off, and, well, the rest of the month can only go up from here. This is a gay story shot through the lens of a straight sensibility, and while there are some amusing moments, they're few and far between and make it nearly impossible to recommend this. Feel free to send feedback and recommendations to or on social media @CinemaQueens! 

It's hard to believe that 2018 and John Waters' month is at an end, but here we are! This week we take a look at his most well-known and arguably, best film, Hairspray! Most people will be familiar with the Broadway and movie musical from 2007, but this is where they get their roots from - a story about teenagers confronting racism in the early 60s. Of course it wouldn't be a John Waters film without some problematic content including white appropriation and the "white knight" way of addressing problems with race. Feel free to send feedback and suggestions to or on social media @CinemaQueens. Happy New Year, everyone!