Chris and Adam take a mostly light-hearted look at LGBT movies from the past and present and discuss whether or not they still hold up and what they have to teach our community today.

Hey everyone. We want to give our sincere apology for missing a few weeks. One of Adam's best friends and the reason he is a film critic and this podcast even exists, Jimmy Martin, passed away from a freak accident, and it's taken some time to recover. But he'd want us to keep going, so we are with Hedwig and the Angry Inch which kicks off our month of LGBT musicals. It's a fun and thought provoking film, but most people are probably more familiar with the stage musical than the actual movie. Also, if you're interested in checking it out, the DVD is out of print, but it just came out on blu-ray for the Criterion edition, and they're all half off this month at Barnes and Noble, so you can get it for a steal! As always, feel free to send feedback and recommendations to or on social media @CinemaQueens!

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